Napster 2.0 Beta 10 - Napster introduces acoustic fingerprinting

I just posted the article Napster 2.0 Beta 10 - Napster introduces acoustic fingerprinting.

A while ago we reported that Napster was going to use an acoustic fingerprint system. Napster 2.0 Beta 10 has this built in, and therefor I would not recommend it for download.

I assume that…

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Damn the guys that did this to such a beautiful piece of software. Now it has become useless to us… :frowning:

lol, I love the way this is Beta 10. Will it next become Napster 3.0 beta 1? Will they ever realease a copy that they dont call beta??

Sorry to say: Napster is dead… :frowning:

Napster has a fate worse that death, irrelevancy.

There’s a reason for the use of Beta software. If they wouldn’t release it as Beta, they would have to decide how they want to ‘sell’ the program. Shareware, freeware, etc. When it’s a Beta program they wont have to worry about that yet… Same story goes for ICQ…

Does Napster think we’re stupid? The CDnow button and the excluding with the minus sign are there since Beta9. The are only trying to use us as guinea pigs for the fingerprinting technology. Let’s give Napster the finger! They can print it for all I care. :frowning:

I’m sure that +/- thing works on my beta 6. :8