Napster 1st to launch pre-paid cards for its UK online store

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 In an aim for  Napster to further compete with iTunes in the UK, they have launched several  pre-paid cards for sale in Dixons to purchase songs from its online  service.  The Pre-paid...
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HMV in england is offering DVD’s for around £6 - I know because they’ve been advertising it alot on TV. They haven’t said how much they’re charging for CD’s but I’d imagine if they’re doing a lot of their films for that price (including relatively new ones and big box office hits) then the CD prices are going to be not too far away. It just makes services like this seem ridiculasly expensive, especially when u take into account that you just get left with a file on your computer that you just play on your computer, get no physical CD that you can carry around with you, no case, labelling, cd insert booklet or anything else. I REALLY dont see many people going out and buying one of those £50 cards - just too expensive and you dont really feel like your getting that great a deal with it, its a lot of money, you’d expect an overwhelming offer for that much cash - I can fly to switzerland and back from england for that much - does it really compete in terms of what its offering me?? Not really. Plus - I think its always going to piss the hell out of us people in the UK just how much we’re getting ripped off compared to our US counter parts. Everyone thought the internet would make the world one big market, but companies like this then appear and try to take it back to a per country business model with everyone looking at the exact same page all over the world, but paying different prices to download the exact same song - it pisses us of, is ripping us off, and a lot of us know it. They can go fry in hell!

Anyone who pays for compressed music is a retard.