Napa Valley Is Burning Down

I just heard that Napa valley ,ca. is burning up - 35 vinyards out of the business so far, I guess wine is going to be costly soon… Too bad, pass the papers. FYI.

We can still buy cheap Australian wine.

[QUOTE=Gummigutta;2082016]We can still buy cheap Australian wine.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, but is it potable?..:bigsmile::wink:
Just kidding Gummi…:flower:

I’ve actually had some Australian wine… it was pretty cheap and not bad at all. Neither my wife or I drink much, but I’ve always been partial to a good German Riesling.
Any recommendations from our neighbors down under?

[QUOTE=Gummigutta;2082016]We can still buy cheap Australian wine.[/QUOTE]
cheap, cheap, the birds are flying = i guess it will br australian wine then, California always gets some rain and then starts to bake (or lightning strikes) and they burn up - every year what a bummer - i guess like living with tornados= they scare me!! :slight_smile: