Napa DAV311: All-in-one

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Wondering why i add this kinda-walk-disc-man thing here? Just read what they say about it here
The Napa DAV311 packages MP3, standard CD (CDDA), CD-R and most CD-RW as well as VCD playback…

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pffffffff, com’un. This thing is already 2 years old!! :r And believe me, it sucks. it far to big and the shockprotection is very bad. so, buy a dvd/vcd player instead of this one! :d

I don’t think so… This is the first discman ever that i know that can even READ CD-RW’s!

bolsonn the model u refer to is the dav-309 from 18 months ago. it has gone through 2 revisions since then and is by far the best and most versatile of its type around. they doubled the battery life and added good esp into this model and it woth every penny. price in the UK is £64 so U.S. price is about $90ish

I got one - it sucks for playing mp3’s and just about plays VCD’s - it won’t play DVD rips smoothly, I’m wouldnt recommend it to anyone…get a cheap DVD player…

When this type of unit was written about a few months ago on Cd Freaks it kicked up a lot of very interesting arguments about a DivX Walkman. Read it here: I would love to see some more postings on the argument of DivX;-) as a stand-alone player…

I’ve got the DAV-310 and I wouldn’t recomend it to anyone. The antishock system is a fraud because it simply does nothing. It skips even MP3’s if the unit is shaked when reading to the buffer. The CD audio playback is perfect ONLY if the unit is standing still. The VCD playback is almost perfect but it’s not smooth. It’s a pitty.

This player can’t browse into directory. You have to remember that album X start at song number #97. That’s just bad…