Nanodvr license for Hauppauge users?


I just upgraded to XP and while D/Ling the XP drivers for my WinTV PCI card I noticed the nanocosmos-supplied Record 1112 programme.

I tried it and it fails to start with a “license not found, Exiting” error.

On the German section of Hauppauge’s site I found a ref that newer drivers should be installed in which the nanodvr programme could find the license and operate okay. Since I have the newest drivers already this seemed like an unlikely solution !

I have tried nanocosmos’ time-limited trial and was pretty impressed so I’d like to find a way to get the hauppauge licensed version to work and avoid paying unnecessarily.

I’ve Emailed Hauppauge but judging by the contributions in these forum’s I shouldn’t hold my breath :wink:




btw my drivers are wdm324_19347

app is wintv2k335_19295

and nanodvr is called wintv_record1112

I have WinTV Theater and as far as I know the bundled nanodvr program was a trial for mine.

If you really want it then you’ll have to get the version
and the keygen (which I found at astalavista search engine) is at: