Nano-size fridges to cool CPUs

Researchers at Intel, RTI International and Arizona State University have worked out a new way to crack the problem of handling the extreme heat generated by the movement of so many electrons in such a tiny space.



This is way cool…:cool:
Thanks Platinum.

Here’s another article from an RTI International news release and a pic of the research team leader, Rama Venkatasubramanian, Ph.D., research director of RTI’s Center for Solid State Energetics.

For anyone interested:
RTI International

This is very cool. Maybe now they can solve the problem
of having to put fans into computers.
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[quote=zap em;2209843]now they can solve the problem
of having to put fans into computers.[/quote]
Possibly with low power chips.
However the intention is to remove heat from particular spots. It simply complements traditional cooling systems, but is not a suitable replacement for it.
The nano-fridge system becomes inefficient & then fails as the temperature increases.