Well its happened I am now officially a Grandmother (Nanny) as i would rather be know hehe

Maisie arrived yesterday weighing in at a hefty 8lb 11oz

I will post a pic after i have asked her parents permission


Congratulations on the new arrival and title! :slight_smile:


Maisie…what a gorgeous name :D…congrats, Norty! :bigsmile: :clap:



You are entirely too young to be a grandma - so it must be a child from a former marriage of your significant other-eh? :wink:

(In any event - congratulations to you and your family)


Nope Mike

Its my daughter by birth i started young :wink:


Congrats Norty… what a big girl! You do know now your official job is…to spoil her don’t ya?

and you are way too young to be a grammie…there needs to be a new title for ya that sounds sexy


Congratulations Nanny :bigsmile:


congrats norty



And I swear, it wasn’t me :wink:

Changed your status to reflect your new position :bigsmile:


Hmmm, no-one accused you (yet)…why the quick defense? :bigsmile:

Good call on the title change :iagree:


Only a woman thinks like that :bigsmile:

is that my taxi… :iagree:


Congratulations on your new granddaughter and the promotion to Nanny! :flower:


Woooooooohoooooooooooooo lovely. I wanna see some pics. :iagree:


Congratulations ήояту :flower:


Yay! Congratulations :wink:




Wohoo! Congratulations on the new earthling!