Nandub v0.23 out now :)



I thought this would be interesting for some people :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah m8; thnx, gonna test it tomoz


It’s still an beta version,…

Some people are complaining that it’s very slow at encoding ( (1/2 frames lower than usual) ;-(

i’m gonna test it myself tomorrow.

New features on this version :

·	Bugfix : a microscopic one. In v0.22, the first motion value wasn't transmitted 
to the compressor (a stupid 'greater than' test instead of 'greater than or equal to')
·	Improved : support for MPEG4v2 is now 'complete'. Both and 
versions of the codec are now detected and the engine can now work with both. 
Don't forget to edit your default.1st.pass.vcf file if you want to use MPEG4v2 (replace 'SetDivX(...)' with 'SetMPEG_four_two(...)')
·	Changed : The 'Bitrate & Reservoir' dialog box has been splitted in 2. 
It should make additions about alternative bitrate curve algorythms easier.
·	Changed : The luminance correction multiplier parameter has been replaced by a (more intuitive)
 maximum gain expressed in %. Also, the compensation mechanism is now gradual 
(in previous versions, it was a simple bias over the whole curve). Since the compensation now only applies to the frames whose 'luma-noise' 
are greater than the threshold, I think that more conservative settings should be used here, like threshold 10, max gain 30% (just a suggestion, YMMV)
·	Reworked : for the N-th time, algorythm for end-credits. This time, I think it's ok =]
·	Added : while running the 2nd pass, if you defined a length for end-credits, the default.end.credits.vcf script will be run 
at the beginning of the end-credits. This let you tune some settings like compression levels, gauge min/max etc, specifically for the end-credits sequence.

And alot of other handfull thingy’s ,but to much for listening here :stuck_out_tongue: