Nan Ya Plastics - DVD+R



I have some of the above discs with the media code NANYACHX. They are dvd+r. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with these.

The Kprobe scans are great on them.


Anyone know if these have any sort of reputation at all? Bad, good? Anyone?


how much did you pay for them? if they were cheap expect crap results


I received them from someone else, so I don’t know what the price of them was. Just wondering if anyone had had any experience with them or had at least heard of others that had had experiences with them. If not…that’s probably a bad sign too.


Here is a Kprobe scan of one of the dvds. It looks pretty good. Not as good as my Ritek R02 dvd+r scans for the PI readings, but the PIF readings, which are the more important ones, are excellent!