Naming the disc with Nero SmartStart



I can’t name the disc name… The box is grey. The title and artist boxes are normal… My car stereo (old sony cdx-4180R) only dispays the disc name, so i’d like to name 'em… Do i need to change a setting or what?


Could you perhaps be a little more specific on what you’re doing or trying to do? Smartstart is only a utility for launching Nero utilities or functions, not for naming audio cds.


sorry bout that… Ok, so the thing is: i’m trying to burn an audio cd, with CD-TEXT. I pick the songs for the cd, name the tracks etc. Then i click on next, and the screen where nero asks wich burning hardware to use, artist, and cd title. There lies the problem. Under the burning hw “box”? is the DISC NAME box. And it’s grey. I can’t write anything in it. That is the problem. How can i “activate” the disc name “box”?


What CD or DVD writer are you trying to use? It’s possible that the writer doesn’t support CD Text.

It would help if you said which version of Nero you’re using. In Nero, there’s a tab that has “Audio CD” on it when you select Audio CD at the right - the CD Text options are there. In Nero Express, the name box is greyed out, but there’s options for Title (CD TEXT) and Artist (CD TEXT) on the Burn dialog. In my case, the writer is CD Text capable - it’s a NEC ND-2500A.



The burner is compliant with cd-text… but as i said, i need to name THE DISC. Yes, I’ve named the artist, and the title. But i need to NAME the DISC. How can i do that?


-The burner supports CD-TEXT
-I can name the title, tracks + artist
-everything works fine

the only thing i’d like to know is how to NAME the DISC. :eek:


My post above tells you where the option seems to appear in the latest release of Nero 6 (at the time of writing - a new version is due imminently). Is there no Title (CD TEXT) option for you?

Personally, I use Feurio for audio work.

What version of Nero are you using?