Naming a CD after burning from an ISO

I had to extract the files from an ISO because Nero wouldnt burn it. How do I know what the new disk should be named when I burn it? If I don’t name it correctly then when the program askes for it, it wont read the new burned disk. The disk is Microsoft Streets and Trips 2002. I don’t know what to name the 2nd or “run” cd. With out the correct name the program doesn’t work. Thanks for any help. Joe

Nero will burn the image. You need to go to Files, and then to Burn Image. If the file is iso, just go to the directory and click on it. If the file is a *.bin, then use a text file to read the *.cue file, and go to Files, Burn Image, and change the bottom part to see all files and click on the *.bin file.
It then puts up a requester with info, and most disks are raw mode, 2352. If you check the *.cue file, it will tell you what mode it is and the sectors.

Make sure you have the latest version of Nero.

Oh, and if you used iso buster or something to read/extract the files out, it will tell you what the name of the cd is. It’s like the first name in the diagram or whatever you want to call it.

If you open the ISO file with ISObuster, you’ll what the original volumename was. It will be shows under the “ISO” tag!