Name your favorite Disney Movie



mine would be either
Lady and the Tramp or
Robin Hood



“Thongs In Babeland” -eh!


I’m thinking ‘Robin Hood’ but I can’t say that I remember all the Disney movies I’ve seen.

Are we including non-comic (non-animated) type movies as well?


Probably “The Lion King” or “The Aristocats” :slight_smile:


Excellent Disney movies.


any movie by disney is cool with me


Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 are the only “movies” where i can appreciate classical music. Even though Fantasia is more than 60 years old, it still has an incredible style.

The Aristocats was nice, but slow. Still it’s one of the nicest movies without those stupid morality issues Disney tends to put in every freaking animation!

The Lion King, as well as Tarzan had some great music. Which saved their franchise, because the stories weren’t that great.

The Little Mermaid was nice because she’s Alyssa Milano. Not because of the story or the music.

Disney DVD’s are a real pain. They CSS encode every freaking still (cell?) and have huge macrovision (Macrovision = Buena Vista = Disney). Sure, Ripit4Me can handle it, but it takes ages to rip them. And you want to get rid of the remote-control-prohibit protection because every disney dvd has tons of previews of other disney movies.


a long lost one…that no one ever mentions anymore is Song of the South…


Never seen that one…
I’d have to say my favorite is “El Rey Leon” or “The Lion King” I can’t tell you how many dozens of times i watched that when i was younger.


Maybe showing my age a bit but Fantasia. :slight_smile:


Not their recent stuff. :Z

Anyways, in terms of Animated Disney Movies the following are among my favorites:

101 Dalmations
Cinderella (love the conflict between the cat and the mice)

Non Animated:

That Darn Cat (the original, not the POS remake)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
The Cat From Outer Space
The Absent Minded Professor
Son of Flubber
All of the Herbie movies (barring the latest one of course)
Blackbeard’s Ghost
The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes
The Barefoot Executive
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

I’m sure I am missing more but I really do like the old Disney films. Can’t say the same for the stuff they have done in the last 15 years or so. I guess it is because they have lost themselves in the kiddie films and have forgot how to make movies enjoyable for people of all ages.


Younger? points to avatar How is that possible, did your mom swallow a TV so you could watch it or something?



We just watched Disney’s “Invincible” yesterday - excellent-eh!


oh i forgot about bedknobs…and broom sticks!!

our local high school put on the play Beauty and the Beast this weekend…i went to all 4 productions…it was top notch! (they got invited to travel to The Orphem in Memphis and do it again…for money!!! ) They are the only high school drama team who has ever performed on their stage…so the talent in our schools here is unreal.



Nine lives of Tomasina
ring of bright water

My kids were amased with the special affects (more like trick photography)
for what they did in my day.:bigsmile:



“20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” = GREAT!!

“Bambi” = Tears-eh!


actually I have this movie, converted to dvd, but the quality isnt the best, but better than letting someone else dictate to me what i can see and what i can’t.
got it over sea’s a few years back, converted it so i could watch it back home in the states. Maybe you to can go over sometimes and luck up also.

Oh yeah, I like The Jungle Book most of all, or did back when i caught the buzz…hehehe