Name that classical piece

I’m looking for the title & composer of the classical piece you can hear in the movie Die Hard 1, when the terrorists finally open the vault at the Nakatomi building.
Goes a little like this: deedeeededeeedededeeeeeeeee (guess that doesn’t help much :D)

Okay, everybody please fire up that VCR/DVD player…


Looked on WinMX for Die Hard 1 and it gave me Beethoven Symphony nr. ? (his last, you’ve got to figure this one out yourself, it is basic knowledge :p). This could be you deedeedededeee :wink:

Couldn’t find that particular information here either:

My guess would be Beethovens 5th Symphony.

Well, beside this 9 th symphony
(what will probably mean he wrote 8 symfonies before this one), This man has written a lot of music for the movies.
i didn’t know there wher movies in the 1770’s