Name for Securom Copies wanted

may be we should find a new name for sucessfull copies that
will not be installed but the game could be run from.

Well I just call them bwa copies or non-bwa copies.

You can always install from a non-bwa copy and also make a bwa copy from it if you kept the original bwa file but you can’t play from it.

As for the bwa copy, well that’s the one you use to play and if you can install from it too, that’s a bonus. However, you’ll have to be very lucky to get a working copy from it, with or without the original bwa file.

is there a chance that alle bwa copies will work in future -

both in installing and gaming?

What about Alcohol Copies, Game Jacks - is there the same problem ?

it works… sometimes… it totally depends on the hardware.
I can’t install a Unreal copy from my Plextor S88, but I can from a Archos USB2.

so … what to think about this ??? …

may be you can discribe (high level please) what is the reason for this …

sorry I can’t. I don’t have explanations.
different units, differents tolerance at reading step…

I have no problem installing with the copy… I have a LiteOn 48246S…


I do not know why there are some type of devices as Toshiba that can not read well some BWA-copies
Can something be failing in BWA builder?
Why not do an image from the securom protected disc and put it on cd with some type of emulation like Alcohol 120%?

The prob is that some drives can not read the inserted twin (dual) sectors without an error.
That drives interpret those sectors as faulty…