Name Decoder. What's your's

So I found this site:

You type in your name and it decodes it to a cyborg name, a monster name or a sexy name.

Here are mine:

V.R.O.O.M.: Versatile Robotic Online Observation Machine

[B]D[/B]eadly, [B]R[/B]avenous [B]A[/B]bomination from the [B]G[/B]loomy [B]E[/B]arth

…how could it possibly have known that? :eek: :doh:

Miss Kitty isn’t going to like this one!


[B]M[/B]echanical [B]C[/B]ybernetic [B][/B]Individual [B]A[/B]ssembled for [B]H[/B]azardous [B]E[/B]xploration and [B]L[/B]earning


with my real name:
[B]M[/B]echanical [B]I[/B]ntelligent [B]C[/B]onstruct [B]H[/B]ardwired for [B]A[/B]ssassination and [B]E[/B]fficient [B]L[/B]earning


V.R.O.O.M.: Vicious, Ravenous Ogre Obsessed by Madness :bigsmile:

V.R.O.O.M.: Virile Romeo Offering Orgasms and Massage :cool:

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2157323]Miss Kitty isn’t going to like this one![/QUOTE]

:eek: :sad:

A.R.A.C.H.N.E.: Artificial Robotic Android Calibrated for Harm and Nocturnal Exploration :eek:

A.R.A.C.H.N.E.: Angel Rendering Arousing Caresses and Hot, Naughty Embraces :eek::eek:

A.R.A.C.H.N.E.: Abhorrent, Redhead-Abducting Creature from the Haunted Ninth Earth :eek::eek::eek:


Ooooh, I like the second one Arachne! :bigsmile:

Mine was: K.E.R.R.Y.: Knockout Exchanging Rapturous Rousing Yeses

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2157379]Ooooh, I like the second one Arachne! :bigsmile:

Mine was: K.E.R.R.Y.: Knockout Exchanging Rapturous Rousing Yeses[/QUOTE]

Hehe, yours’ and vroom’s “Sexy names” made me smirk too :bigsmile:


That was quite the mouthful haha

Positronic Lifelike Android Trained for Infiltration, Nullification and Ultimate Mathematics, Synthetic Worker Optimized for Repair and Destruction.

Poisonous, Livestock-Abducting, Townsfolk-Injuring Nightmare from the Underground Moor, Sinister, Wicked Ogre Roused by Derangement.

Playful Lover Administering Thrilling Indulgence and Naughty, Unrestrained Massage and Stud Winning Orgasms and Rapturous Delights.


Here they are with my user name: (i changed the 0’s to o’s)

H.A.X.O.R.T.H.O.R.: Handcrafted Artificial Xenomorph Optimized for Repair, Thorough Harm and Online Research

H.A.X.O.R.T.H.O.R.: Handsome Adonis Xuberantly Offering Rapturous Touches and Hot, Overwhelming Recreation

H.A.X.O.R.T.H.O.R.: Hideous, Abhorrent, Xcorcist-Obliterating, Redhead-Torturing Horror Obsessed by Rage