Naked wife virus keeps on hitting

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About 68 companies in the VS have been 'hit" with the Naked Wife virus. The virus is sent as an email and promises to show some picture of a naked woman. When you open the attachment which is…

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You know, all these crazy virus’s seem to mail emails from ‘outlook express’’ - what is a better email program to use? Eudora? Please respond.

Eudora is pretty interesting. With all these VB script viruses, I think I will be installing Eudora tonight. Atleast the major viruses that are coming out lately will have less effect. :wink:

I will still be using Outlook. I think it’s just common sence, just know what you can open and what not, and I don’t care about funny exe files and other jokes I already have seen dozens of times anyway.

You can easily use outlook, as long as you use a (freeware) program like SurfinGuard with it. It disables all the stuff you don’t want your attachments to do,… try it at It is really worth a try, especially now that the new (beta) is also compatible with win2k/ME… :slight_smile: DiONiX

Correct link:

Well with common sense you can use Outlook… I agree. The problem is many ppl don’t recognise scripts and stuff…

Isn’t the bad thing about VBscript & Outlook that you dont even have to ‘open’ an attachment, but that it can be embedded in the email itself? You only need to open it to read (or preview) the content and you’re infected…