Naive Q: Amplify Weak Sector

If a given source CD (image) is not SD2, is there any disadvantage to checking AmplifyWeakSector? That is, will AWS ever create problems?


I dont think it will do any
problems but you can always
find out by trying it yourself

thanks, I haven’t noticed any problems I was just wondering if anyone had an negative experiences

well, none here

Great question! As you know, AWS is device dependent (really, it’s about light reflectivity). Checking AWS when it’s not required has the potential, for some burners, to be a coaster creator.

At the moment, it’s not hazardous for most people, but it will be as things tighten over the coming year. Warez is BIG & remains as big a threat as illegal remastering & pressing. Don’t be fooled, they’ll get us in the end.