NAD's new State-Of-The-Art Blu-ray Disc Player with BD LIVE

NAD Has always waited out technology to see which of the thousands of technology buzz words will actually transform into higher performance for our valued T 587 Blu-ray Disc Playercustomers. After a critical proving period of Blu-ray technology NAD is proud to announce the T 587 Blu-ray Disc Player featuring Fast-Loading, New BD Java, HDMI 1.3, Stunning 1080p Image Quality, and Advanced HD Audio Decoding.



Rumor has it this is a Funai player. I can’t confirm this, but if so it could be had for a lot less under a different brand.

It will be interesting to find more details about this player when it is released, I won’t knock NAD too much because the do make a quality product but someone been smoking something to much to have a price point greater than a $1000.00 especially when the Blu-ray market is struggling to get consumer to switch.