Nacho libre

Ok here goes. I have have a copy of Nacho Libre, I backed it up to my Hard drive. Burned it at max speed 8x , I use mamorex dvd+r 8x 4.7 gig discs from walmart. It freezes in the movies at chapter 14. I then reburned it at half the speed at 4x speed. I also updated my firmware on both my dvdrom & my dvd-rw liteon drives. It came out perfect after all that but my question is, can I now go back up to 8x burn speed? Also I do have the latest ver. of both anydvd and clonedvd2. Also I do love this forum I read here often and I am very Impressed with all of it.

First of all I also backed up this movie with the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with no problems. The media you are using is not top notch but that may not the the problem. I would buy a better brand of media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, and yes you should be able to burn @ 8X with no problems. Make sure the source disc is not dirty or scratched, it may backup good one time and bad the next.

Also do ypu think it mattered that my firmware was way out of date by at least 5 versions? And where can I get that kind of dvd media for a good price?
Thanks for your help and a very fast response.

Yes updating your firmware was an important step. You can usually buy Verbatim media sale at Office Max or Best Buy at least once a month. If you want Taiyo Yuden media I would suggest visiting on the internet.

Again Thankyou very much. I have a best buy card I will be useing then. Have a good evening Alan…

Glad I could be of help, please do not hesitate to post any additional questions you might have.

It depends upon the exact media you were using. The burner manufacturers build in write strategies to make their burners work optimally with the identified medias. If the drive can’t identify the media then a generic write strategy is used so the resulting disc usually has more errors on it than it would’ve if there had been a write strategy for it (usually, but you never know - the generic strategy may be the proper strategy, but I doubt it).

Most of the firmware updates are just adding write strategies, or further optimizing existing strategies, so it’s a good idea to stay up to date.

CDFreaks also has forums dedicated to most of the popular burners so you should check in with them occasionally also.

Alan is right - has always given me a good price and service. I have a BenQ 1620 and the Taeo Yudens work better for me, though I’ve never had a coaster with a Verbatim either.

Nero’s CDSpeed has a disc quality check built into it that works with a lot of burners (not all though due to hardware issues) so you may want to get a copy of it and scan your discs to see what quality you are getting and then settle on whatever brand disc works the absolute best with your burner.

Again, CDFreaks has forums devoted to specific burners as well as media and even a bargain forum (great to find out who’s got them discs cheap!). Take some time and poke around CDFreaks and you’ll soon be making top notch quality burns!

I have updated both my dvd drives with the newest firmware, and I have not made a coaster since. Before the firmware update I was making coasters all the time. Since the updates, I have backed up about 12 movies and no problems at all. I even have been burning at max speed and then checked it with nero for errors and it was very good. I have to say I was getting nervous that anydvd wasn’t working for me very well but I admit anydvd is the best and I will not doubt them anymore…


Thank you for posting back - always nice to have “the rest of the story” rather than a thread without a definite solution or ending.

I would suggest getting the TY or Verbatim discs from Rima though - you just never know what you are getting at the large discount stores as they buy several brands and re-label them, so what works now may not work the next time you buy discs. Order TY or Verbatim from Rima and you get TY or Verbatim, every time.

I think the media forum or the bargain forum here on CDFreaks posts ways to tell which brand is being sold at Best Buy, etc. right now. I used to use that info and got many good buys, but my job has changed and I’m working more now so I don’t have time to bargain hunt, I just click and order and forget about it as I always get good discs.

Take Care, glad you’re problem is solved and again - THANK YOU for posting back!


Yes I agree with everything Svensontini has said and thankyou for letting us know the outcome.

AnyDvd ,Dvd Shrink and ImgBurn.

Turned out Purrrfect! :slight_smile:

Movie & Feature All-in-one Perfect!

No problem alan your a good guy thanks for your help… Still burning perfect copies since the firmware updates too. I cant believe what a difference it made. WOW.

Just a footnote for you. I buy Taiyo Yuden white inkjet printables rated at 8x and burn them reliable at 12x. (12x is in the strategy). I even had a batch that was rated 16x, not bad for 8x media! Great product.

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 2,297,888
Free Space: 4,706,074,624 bytes
Free Time: 510:40:38 (MM:SS:FF)
Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x

Pre-recorded Information:
Manufacturer ID: TYG02

I usually buy from Meritline as they give free shipping quite often (although you do need to watch the price as sometimes they raise it to offset the free shipping - but not always). TY also have a valueline but I have not tried that.