Nabster uses digital fingerprint to detect piracy

I just posted the article Nabster uses digital fingerprint to detect piracy.

According to Music Industry News, the PAN Network is announcing the release of Nabster for detection, deterrence, and compliance monitoring of online piracy. The PAN Network has been in…

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Great !! another deterent to downloading files legally !! as it does not apply to actual cd’s only downloaded music etc why would anyone intent on sharing a song get the lkegal digital version from the net ?? same with games etc lol this won’t help them do anything but once again bite the hand that is feeding them

so its going to troll the internet, scan directories, and look like google spider? how many seconds before servers just block nabster - and there is no trouble again :stuck_out_tongue:

It is unditectable??? really, they seriously think that? that is probebly the same thing that Gator said when they where selling their product Idea. LOL, this just keeps getting funnier

to get round this get two people to download the same file, compare the two files and alter the different bits, problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

:g :slight_smile: