N7 Enhanced refuses to install. Any ideas?

Could not see anyone else with this problem, so here goes…

Have been running with no installed toolbar for some months and all was fine.
Decided to upgrade to the enhanced version as I wanted to play with the new toys, and having paid for it… etc.

Fist of, using Nero-, the software said it needed to uninstall the older version after warning me a restart may be required. It started, then just vanished.
Restarted PC, nothing.
Tried to reinstall again, and it bounced out with the message “Unable to access file association manager” and then told me no modifications before finishing. Left files all over PC. Cleared them out, eventually.

Tried installing from the full Nero-
This time, “The installed version of is not compatible with Nero7. Please update or reinstall before you install Nero7”. No idea as to what " " is, is very unhelpful.
Is it a Nero file/program or something else?
The only files I cannot get rid of short of nuking the machine are in - C:\program files\common files\ahead\lib and are MFC71.dll, msvcr71.dll, and NeroDigitalEXT.dll
I can’t for the life of me get rid of them and so there is no way of knowing whether these are the culprits or whether something else in the registry or another installed program has caused it.

The latest version to install successfully is v7.0.8.2

Have asked AHEAD to help, but heard nothing yet.

Any ideas?

Update: The latest version I can get to install is: Nero-
I’m guessing therefore that one of the new applications in the latest version is not happy with one of the myriad of usefull apps I already have installed.
The trouble is that I have ripped out 20+ of items I use occasionally with no further inkling as to what remaining app is upsetting Nero install.

Any suggestions as where to look next gratefully received…

Update2: Well, whaddaya know…?
After installing v7.7.5.1 I gave it one last go at installing v7.9.6.0 - and it bloody installed!!

I have NO idea what happened, but all I can say is that must have corrected something as installed with no problems at all. Go figure…

Anyway, now I have the task of re-installing the apps I did not need to uninstall. Cheers Ahead.
Starting to feel like the old Roxio days of the dreaded version dance when it came to installing and uninstalling- Ripping out registry entries, special removal tools, etc… Those were (are?) the days. {sigh}

Cheers guys.
Thought the happy conclusion of this dance of death might be useful to someone.

Nero doesn’t like installing a new version over the old one like when you try to update from 6 to 7 in this case clean it up first. Nero was the vista update for the original 7. because 7.9.6 is an update to 7.7.X and 7.8.X nero will do it all during installation to delete old files and insert the new file backups. That’s why you found it installed because the rest of the cab files that doesn’t need to update was all in place otherwise it hangs during installation trying to find those cab files that no longer exist.

Hi Ripperfreak

What you say sounds sensible. Thanks.
It would be nice if each version of Nero cleaned up after the previous one, but I guess that would make the download from Ahead even larger. I can live with that.
Would have been nice if a warning to cleanup first had been mentioned. First time ever I have needed too.

Thanks for explaining.
Best Wishes, Susi


I found the same problem, and deleted Nero 6 then went in and deleted the folder for nero and ahead. then went through the reg and deleted all there. remember to empty the recycle bin restart and try again if it does not load you missed some thing try again.

Slow but works

Cheers rebelgh

I agree plus make sure your S/N for Nero 7082 is good for the latest version you are trying to install.

I am currently trying to update from Nero to
It asked me to uninstall the previous version which I did.
But after that while installing it shows me this error message

Please hellllp