N64 Emulator?


The best N64 emulator can be downloaded here,

But this emulator works (normaly) only with a 3dFX chipset. But you can download a GlideWrapper. This program makes your
D3d card (TNT) a 3dFX. Here are some Wrapper links:

Xgl200 (The best) http://www.emuhq.com/glide/download/xgl200_0.04a.zip

Clide v2.4 (The second Best) http://www.emuhq.com/glide/download/clide24.zip

But if you want to play some games, you should have ROMS. These can be found on the web and on TL

If you want to play with a joystick or in 2 player mode, you could download a program named Ultra HLP here:

You must also download a new INI file because you can run more games:

The instalation manual:
*First download the Emulator (Ultra HLE).
*Unpack it and copy it in a directory.
*Download the new INI file, unpack only ultra.ini to the same directory as Ultra HLE.
*Edit the ini file. Just look
*Try to run the program.
*If it doesn’t run Download the GlideWrapper.
*If it runs you are a happy person.
*If you have downloaded the GlideWrapper,
unpack and install it. The program wil be explained in a .TXT file.
*Try the program again.
*If you did everything right it should start now.
*Click on file and on open.
*Choose a ROM file (.ROM .V64 etc…)
*UltraHLE will load the ROM.
*The only thing you will have to do is press F5 (Start Emulation)
*But you want more, you want to play with a joystick and a friend.
*Download Ultra HLP
*Unpack and read the instructions in the readme file.

If you have any further questions,
mail me @ hitbits@yahoo.com


Can anyone tell me where to get the N64 emulator and will it work with a TNT video card?


THanks!! I’ll give it a shot!