N4S: Most Wanted - mini image unsuccessful

i have generated numerous mini images all the way to SD3.2 just using alcohol 52%…with plex premium drive…this is my first SD4.6 title trying to backup and play from the mini…iam still using Dtools 3.47…when i create my mini’s; they are at least 20mbs, which have no bearing at all just scann all bad sectors til the data is being read and then cancel the read and save the iso…i did notice that SD4.6 has more correct data before bad sectors…and thus more bad sectors…

my question has anyone created a mini and ran successful with Dtools 3.47 or is this method blacklisted and i need to move on to Dtools 4???..i will try a couple of more rips so i know for sure; before i move to DT4…please feel free to post!!!


nevertheless, i forgot to add this…i have ripped the first disc with BlindWrite using tweaker …8x read no topology no subcodes read errors automatic…when i mount the full image the game runs with Dtools 3.47.

also if anyone has a clue on how to code or decompile code…on the first disc there is a macrovision safedisc Diag.exe…if anyone knows what that is please feel free to post please…

also another question i want to ask…with the latest safedisc 4; when Dtools 3.47 is/if blacklisted what is the error pop-up window that appears??

is it the “insert correct cdrom” cause iam able to play N4S: most wanted with Dtools 3.47 and using full image that was created with blindwrite. or is the error pop-up different.?