N00bie question: firmware and my liteon sohw-832s



hi guys

im completely new to the firmware caper and basically have no idea. i have a liteon sohw-832s i just bought and have been reading up about firmwares. i have downloaded omnipatcher and all these firmwares (which i think are all the same thing, but just from different sites). ultimately im confused, can some1 please tell me what i can do with my drive, eg. what firmwares can i use to update my drive, and what benefits will i get from my drive? are different firmwares available which do different things to my drive? can i use a number of them in conjunction with eachother?

i downloaded the liteon firmware which is meant to improve media matching, is this worthwhile? is there anything else i can get that improves reading and writing, or even increases speed?

any help will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

thank you


Try reading the following 2 threads, they may help you make up your mind about what mods to do to your 832S.


Well for my experience so far with my SOHW-832S DL DVD drive I say its a keepers with the latest firmware. I dont see much gain switching to 16x other then the money you spend for it unless its the same price as th 832S. But for what I use to copy protected game and DVD. But if you wanting to burn CD and DVD get CloneCD v5.0.4.5 and AnyDVD v4.1.1.2 or v4.3.0.1 and CloneDVD2 v2.5.4.3 and install three programs and use the clonecd to burn copied protected game and DVD movies but for DVD if you want 1:1 you have to buy the DL disk which cost money but if you willing to fork the money its worth the investment. For Copy protected games just use the profile included with CloneCD 5 for protected games and that will do fine. Why, Cause I used it on my collections and it has worked on some hard to break CD games and make exact 1:1 DVD movies.


thank you so much guys with your help :slight_smile:


So in terms of firmware the latest available is the CG3E by codekings. Is this one is based on the official liteon VS0E firmware - but with numerous enhancements?

Also, i noticed codeguys released versions CG3B and CG2B. Is CG3E simply a newer and updated version which includes the enhancements made in CG3B and CG2B?

So the latest firmware upgrade for my drive is the CG3E?

im sorry if some of these questions are stupid, i just want to make sure so in the future ill know what im doing.

thank you all again :slight_smile:


There are three firmwares worth mention at the moment:

  • VS0E - latest 832S firmware
  • CG3E - VS0E with enhancements
  • VY08 - newest available 2S firmware (newer than VS0E, but it is a not named 832S)

Any other firmware (e.g., CG3B, VS0B, etc.) are outdated and are probably of no interest except for historical value.


Where would I find the VY08 firmware? You don’t have it on your site. Or is there no benefit to crosspatching an 812S over VS0E?


It’s listed under DRU-700A…