N00bie question: DVD plyback on my PC


i have recently got myself a liteon sohw-832s. i am using powerdvd 6 deluxe, as well as, windvd 6 platinum to playback my dvd’s and other video on my pc.

firstly, what affects the quality of playback on a PC? i suspect it’s the monitor (resolution), video card, ram and cpu - is this right (my system is not the latest)? i have an original dvd and the playback quality isnt that fantastic. when i view the movie fullscreen the playback will sometimes stutter for a while and then sort of adjusts itself and runs ok again. it also stutters when i move the mouse around, or click onto the powerdvd control panel.

secondly, is there anyway to stop the playback from being slightly jittery (on both powerdvd and windvd)? for example, during the intro there is a black background and the credits are in white - you can see the words slightly jitter around. can this be avoided?

has any1 experienced this problem with powerdvd - if i select CLEV-2 video enchancement then once it reaches the point where u can select scenes, play, or features etc. powerdvd will throw up an error and i will have to shut it down. however, it works fine if this option isnt selcted.

sorry for the long post

thank you for your help

There are lots of things that can affect dvd playback. For example if your graphics card isn’t reasonable new then it may not have a dvd decoder on board (or may but it may not be much good), this just takes some of the work away from the cpu. I used to have a dvd decoder (creative dxr3 board) and pc playback looked fantastic because it was deccated to decoding the dvd, now it doesn’t look so good as i’m just using my graphics card to playback dvds in a software player.

Also if things like your cpu isn’t fast enough then it might cause problems, or if you don’t have a lot of RAM then it may have a problem decoding it in real time. Finally if you do have enough RAM etc, and your sure of it then it may just be that your running alot of programs in the background (look at the bottom right of the screen) which is taking up alot of memory and cpu cycles.

Can you tell me your PC specs, i might be able to narrow it down a bit?

my computer is quite old.


amd duron 800
194mb ram
120gb hdd
geforce2 MX 64mb

its probably just about all of the above, but i wanted to know what components had the most significant bearing on playback quality, and if the jittering could be fixed/improved.

thank you

i’ve also just thought of something else, is your dvd drive set to master? By that i mean, if your dvd drive is connected to the motherboard with a hard drive or other cd rom on the same cable, then make sure in the bios that your dvd drive is set to master so that it gets the most bandwidth. If its not, then you’ll have to take out the dvd drive (and any other thing connected on the same wire) and use the little black connectoer on the back of it to change it to master.

If the drive is on its own channel then his wouldn’t be a problem.

Your pc sounds as if it should be ok, i’ve had far slower machines play dvd with no problem. I’d say that there all (well not the hdd) equally significant.

If you click start menu, then run, then type msconfig, then click startup when it comes up, check to see if there are any unneccessary programs running in the background, if so uncheck them. However be careful, only uncheck programs you know could be taken off, otherwise windows may not function properly.

Try opening task manager (if you are running xp just hit ctrl, alt del) and click the performance tab. Then try playing a dvd. I am guessing that the cpu is not fast enough and your cpu usage will get pegged at 100%.