Hi my name is shiloh and yes I’m new to the cracking and cellphone boosting experience. I’m not exactly sure where to put this so I put it here. I bought a galaxy epic on the sprint network from my sister and a few weeks later I dropped and broke the lcd on my old phone an lg optimus. Now I know that everything still works because for a few days only half of the screen wasn’t displaying. But then I dropped it again and now nothing displays but I can still power on and know that a connection to my wifi is automatc. I was wondering how to get my contacts and photos from my old phone to my new one, I do not have a computer only the new phone. Is here a way to wirelessly access my old one with my new one or even drag all of the information to the new one? And yes I know that google will sync my contacts I already have SOME of them but I need the rest, the ones that are on my phone only any help will be appreciated