N00b that needs some help please



Here’s the issue … I burn 10 films perfectly with the same software convertxtodvd5 and use the same discs but Every now and then one won’t work it comes up and the disc won’t play cinavia water mark logo kicks in stopping the film now here is the issue the same dvd player is being used and 10 different titles work cam copies! on the same dvd player but this one jurassic world came up with the water mark cinavia logo stopping the film? my problem is what im trying to say is why are the other films working fine and even jurassic world has worked on other dvd players also it happens to other films aswel it can be random? hope im explaining my self correctly please advice anyone?

i cant gripe the fact this has only just started to happen i can make 10 cam copies of different films then 1/10 will pick up the cinavia water mark and stop the films yet sometimes it works perfect and sometimes not?


Cam copies of films are illegally made and illegally distributed. You are not allowed to discuss them in these forums.

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