N00b Question about anydvd



I’m new to this and I just dl’d anydvd I installed and rebooted my XP pro machine. I use Nero 6 for my burning needs. The problem is that anydvd fails to run. It starts gives me the 20 days left message and then fails, putting up a dailog box that has a title of ‘anydvd.exe’ and simply says anydvd has encountered an error and must close. I close it and then Zone Alarm (of all things) fails with a vector engine problem. Any ideas on what i need to change?


I just loaded anydvdand now my computer xp won’t boot past the starting windows screen?
Any ideas?
Thansks johnnydee


I uninstalled it…it wasn’t worth the hassle.


Works like a charm on my XP!
It’s a real time saver.


I agree works great (win xp pro)


ANYDVD is the best program in the world as we know it, a must for any DVD SOFTWARE PROGRAM!!!

:bow: :bow: :bow:



I just dup that many DVDs…I’m sure it’s handy, but for the rare time i’d need it…