N00b here, need help please on freezing?

Hello all,
Im going to try and explain this the best way I can so please forgive my n00bishness. Ok I seem to be having a problem with playing my backups on my DVD player. I backed up most all of my family type movies (mainly disney cartoons) and a few that my older son seems to be watching constantly. I hope I am not sounding like a cheap guy cuz I dont want to buy the same movie twice once the kids destroyed it. Anyways I have them all on my HDD now and have only burned 4 of them to DVD-R so far. Problem is they seem to freeze, just for a second or two them immediatley pick right back up and continues to play normally. On one of the movies (Ark for instance) it freezes 4 times in various parts of the movie. Then in The Cave it freezes only once and is almost unnoticable. The 2 disney movies Ive burned so far seem to be fine but I havent watched them personally and the kids didnt say anything about if they were freezing, but then again would they even care. Now Im burning at 8x with Ridata 8x DVD-R and I have a HPDVD 740 burner. I use AnyDVD, DVDclone2, DVDdecrypter, DVDshrink, and DVDFab. The program I use is mainly DVDDecrypter/DVDShrink unless it doesnt work then I switch to DVDclone2 or whatever works. Ive had some of my movies come out with what they call “Pixels” or “Pixelation” in the past but was told it was because I was using Maxell DVDs. So I bought these Ridata’s from Office Depot and havent had any pixelation things yet with these. Is this freezing thing because of the Ridata DVD-Rs? The HP740 is pretty new so what gives? Any1 ever seen this before?Should I burn at slower speeds to stop the freezing? I am really lost

Hi Kanzaz,
Unfortunatley there are many things that can cause reading problems on stand alone players. Try using another player if one is available. How do they play on your computer? Have you checked the quality of your burned discs with CD Speed? It is possible your drive is made by Liteon and you could use KProbe also. These programs
are both free and easily found one this site along with guides on how to use them.
Some stand alone DVD players like +R discs with the booktype changed to ROM over -Rs. And yes it could still be the quality of your media.

Media and burning speed problem.
Try the the ridatas at a lower speed for example at 4x, otherwise use real quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.

I agree everytime I have had this problem it was bad media so I switched to Taiyo Yuden
and have not had the problem since

I dont know if its made by Liteon, my drive that is, It does say Hewlitt Packard but I am no fool and do know that companies outsource so who knows who “actually made it”. I hope it is not a Liteon as I have had 2 of them in the past and had nothing but problems with them. I am trying new media right now and looking into TY’s. Found some on Ebay pretty cheap so I think Ill get those and see what happens.BTW they play great off of my HDD, so you guys are right its got to be the media. I have always thought Ritek was a decent media, how wrong I was. I am going to make the TY switch :slight_smile:

many people ESPECIALLY on ebay will sell fake TY media. if you don’t want to post the ebay link i understand although I don’t think any of us would snipe the auction, but you might want to double check with someone who can spot that stuff before you purchase (if you haven’t already completed an auction)

the best places to get REAL TY are from www.rima.com or a few other online stores that are frequently discussed in the bargain basement forum.

you can also find TY in your local store rebranded as either Sony or Fuji 8x DVD+R as long as they are MADE IN JAPAN.

Verbatim discs are also good quality.

Acording to videohelp.com it is more than likley to have one of two chipsets, matsushita (LG) or Mediatek (Liteon). The easiest way I know how to tell is
trying it with KProbe since it will only work on drives with Mediatek chipsets
(Liteon only) See link http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters.php?DVDname=HP+740&Submit=Search&cdrs=&cdrws=&dvdrs=&dvdrws=&dvdrsdl=&dvdprs=&dvdprws=&dvdprsdl=&dvdrams=&buffer=Any&cdrom=&dvdrom=&orderby=Name&hits=25&Search=Search&country=

I agree with everone else, TY,s or Verbs are the best. TY,s that the price seems to good to be true usually is. Alot of fake crap out there. You can trust
supermediastore.com or rima.com.


Heres the link, I am not worried about someone sniping them :slight_smile: It says Made in Japan.

I’m no expert, but they look real to me.

the price is alright, but in the future, i’d hang around the bargain basement forum. there are often coupon codes for online stores that make the TY prices pretty competitive with regular retailer prices on crappy media.

overall, good find :slight_smile:

Ok I found out what was wrong. It was suggested earlier in this thread to try a different DVD player. Well I did just that and guess what, every DVD I tried worked fine. I didnt think this was the problem as the DVD player is brand new! The one it freezes in is a Sony dvp ns775v, the one they work in is a Sony slv d300p. I knew that some players can be picky, but both are sonys. Will better media like TY play in the pickier player? I even tried the DVDs on the comput and they played fine so its deffinatley the player doing this and always in the same spot on the movie. BTW people, my son destroyed one of my Live concerts yesterday (very rare Led Zeppelin concert) because he just wanted to see what it was and ended up rendering it unplayable. I never backed up any of my music because I thought he had no reason to even touch them. Now I am backing up EVERY single DVD I own just to avoid this problem again. It goes to show if you have kids that backing up will save you. The DVD he destroyed was worth roughly 100-150 bucks. It is seriously scratched bad and I dont think I will ever find it again :frowning: BACK UP if you have kids people!

All Sony players are the most finiciky players of all when it comes to reading
burnt or scratched discs. Get a Pioneer (NOT PANASONIC) or if you want a good inexpensive player a Philips DVP-642. It will play anything you put in it,
for about $60. The only thing I dont like is the remote (kinda cheezie).
:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
P/S If you are a rocker and like AC/DC get their DVD LIVE AT DONNINGTON.
IMO it is one of the best music videos ever.

I had the same problem several months ago and eventually went through four combo units (VHS/DVD) before giving up and buying a standalone DVD player. My Sony DVP-NS50P, purchased at Walmart for $80, will play anything, and has never faultered. I even have some DVD+R burns that test so bad that you’d think they would never play on anything, yet it’ll even play these. One bad disk (Sony ID) had 3 million PIF’s, 250 max, and it played on without problems with this unit.

That said, I get the best burns on Taiyo-Yuden DVD+R’s, even better than Verbatim. I burn mostly using a Lite-On notebook drive, but occasionally the Lite-On in this desktop. My present stock is Sony branded disks, but with Sony you may get TY, Sony, or Ricoh manufacturing ID’s. I also had good luck with the Sony ID’d disks, but from now on I will buy TY’s on-line from a reliable dealer. I get no coasters with this media, and great tests using the Nero Disk Quality app.

I’ve been backing up DVDs for years without problem. I was using a Sony writer. Recently, I also installed an HP dvd740i. I found that if I remastered (i.e. only burn the main title) it would play in my Sony DVD player fine. If I split and copied it as-is (to two DVD+R), it WILL NOT PLAY in my Sony DVD player.

The same software, image, settings, everythying… …burn it on the Sony writer, and it plays fine in the Sony DVD player.

p.s. I learned the hard way not to use the 8x speed on my new hp because even though nothing complained while writing my Sony couldn’t read it no matter what. 4x works fine (as long as I remaster it)

Many members, including me, hold the HP burners in high DIS-regard! If the return policy of your retailer allows you to return or exchange the HP drive, then get a BenQ or Pioneer or other brand of burner that other members might jump in an suggest. Many members believe the BenQ is about the best because of it’s high quality, user accessible, bitsetting utility for buning +R SL or DL media to DVD-ROM format. Get your money back quickly, within the return/exchange time frame but study what you need in specifications before you buy again.

Just my opinion, but Sony burners of old were fine. But I avoid Sony (and liteOn because of their association with Sony via OEM) equiptment now because of my anger over the rootkit abomination and because Sony is so big in the entertainment industry that I don’t trust them not to (at some time) put a kink into the firmware of their players or drives that inhibits reading, ripping or recognizing backup media vs original DVDs.