Mz optiarc ad-5170a will not read DLs!

I just bought a new computer with the aforementioned dvd drive, but when I tried to play a DL disc, the drive showed as if it were a blank disc… I do not know what to do I tried downloading a driver, but I could not find it… any ideas? please, I am desperate!!!

Drivers come with the OS.

Uninstall virtual drives and creepy software like Alcohol.

i dont have alcohol, and sorry for being such a noob, but what exactly are virtual drives?

What burning apps have you installed?

Is Daemon tools or YASU installed?

just nero… nothing else… could perhaps installling a firmware help? im not sure about trying it…

“playing a disc”…
So you have an pressed video dvd which you want to watch?

Then you need to install a proper dvd player software, I would use VLC Tool.