MyTheatre and XBox

Has anyone got this up and running ??

I’m looking for some help in setting this up … tutorials or advice would be great.


lol, that would be insane, to port my twinhan starpro usb reciever into my xbox… but not doable… one person said it can be done with xbox360 and windows media center, but it’s not worth it.

Maybe I am insane but so far I have managed to do this

Here’s a screenshot to show you the settings for MyTheatre + LiveAVBroadcaster and VLC (Video Lan Client) … so you can two instances of it running. ( the 2nd image isn’t available as it’s overlay )

Got a new menu for the XBox for MyTheatre where you can adjust the settings eg HTTP Stream IP - VLC Port IP etc …

This isn’t rocket science and I got it working so far in a few hours and had the Python Script installed and semi-configured on my Xbox…

lol, yea, that’s about how you do it… course with xbox360 and windows media center it’s a little easier but not much…

biggest deal i feel is that no matter what, no support for the xbox remote… i don’t like the twinhan usb remote hence would defeat the whole purpsoe~!

But good job :slight_smile: submit all your screenshots and findings to XS so you can make their front page news and get a little rep and congrats :slight_smile: