Mystery Drive: Is it a LiteOn?

So I went to OfficeMax today and decided to pick up a Cendyne 48x12x48x CD-RW Drive. I noticed on the back of the floor model box, it said it was a LiteOn drive. I had heard they were rebadged LiteOn’s so I picked one up and noticed on the back of mine, it didn’t have LiteOn model number. Instead, it says:

Drive Model: 48X12X50
Serial: 913AD3702524015961JEB1

On the drive itself, it says:

P/N: 91.3AD37.025
S/N: 24015961JE B1
Model No: 48x12x50 CD-RW
Manufactured: October 2002 J

Now… In both the BIOS and Windows XP device manager, this drive is only labeled as “48x12x50 CD-RW”, with the firmware revision of 1.01. Here’s the interesting part: The drive seems to work in every burning program I’ve tried so far, including Alcohol 120% and CloneCD. Nero also detects the drive and doesn’t supply anymore information about it besides the fact that it uses JustLink for burn-proof protection. More interesting: I’ve tested the drive now for about 20 minutes, and it definitely doesn’t use all gears with the tray like the LiteOn’s usually do (it has a band inside when I look closely). Also, When I make a clone of my retail Battlefield 1942 CD with my LiteOn 40125S in Alcohol 120%, it seems to take a while as it reads the weak sectors in the CD. I decided, for the hell of it, to pop the retail CD in this new, unidentifiable CD-RW and make a new clone of it in Alcohol 120%. I started it and ZIP!, it flies right through and detects every weak sector in about 3 seconds, as opposed to my LiteOn taking 3 minutes. This leads me to believe that the drive supports Fast Sector Skip. Is there anyone out there that knows who the manufacturer is of this drive or can help me figure it out? :confused:

Have you tried doing a search for Justlink ? It’s a well-known trademark.

JustLink is Ricoh’s technology and is found mainly on Ricoh drives.

Ricoh may be licensing the JustLink technology to other manufacturers. Samsung is also using JustLink.

48x12x50 sounds like AOpen :Z

Yes, alexnoe is right. Aopen also uses JustLink and makes the Aopen CRW4850 48x12x50 Burner. :wink:

The question is now: Is that an isolated case, or is Cendyne starting to sell AOpen writers in large numbers?

you know… i think you’re right. it definitely looks like an aopen crw 4850. funny thing is it cloned battlefield 1942 perfectly but i also haven’t tried cloning anything else yet. maybe it’s because it has a 1.01 firmware and it’s unlabeled? it shouldn’t do correct efm according to’s supported writers list.

so far this drive is performing better than my LiteOn. Very peculiar.

Hello -
look here for some info re: firmware from Cendyne:


i’ve been thinking about flashing it with new firmware but i’ll probably just return it to officemax and hope i get a liteon instead.