Mystery Drive #2 (Sorry I keep doing this)

Okay I returned the Cendyne (aka AOpen) drive to OfficeMax that everyone so graciously pointed out that I had and exchanged it for another drive. This time, I haven’t opened the box and the guy at OfficeMax told me that they had no Cendyne boxes in the back that had “LTR” as the drive model. :rolleyes: Instead, he gave me one that says “Drive Model: 4816P”. Still not a LiteOn? :confused:


uh are you sure? i don’t see a 4816P BenQ. I see a 4816 BTC though.

nvm: you’re right. right here.


wow. the 4816P is not even on elby’s supported cd-rw list.

Sell that Benq on ebay and buy a liteon :slight_smile:

I bought the same Cen-Dyne burner at OfficeMax. I had the clerk search the back room for any with model number LTR48246S, no luck. I bought it anyway, brought it home, and saw that it was manufactured by AOpen.:Z

So… I went to Best Buy and asked if they would let me open one of the BusLink burners ($19.99 after two rebates), but they said no. So I went to a different Best Buy store and the clerk opened up the box and it contained a Lite-On drive model LTR 48246S!:slight_smile: I bought it on the spot. I’ve resealed the Cen-Dyne box and am going to return it today.