Mysterious Lite-on drive `Hanging`?! problem

My lite-on 24102B is working well for over a year now, hasnt got much problem until last nite, when I try to install a new PS/2 mouse, the mysterious thing happened.

I finished test the mouse, and unplug it and head for a reboot, suddenly, bang, the drive does not response at the reboot, with the LED staying on indefinitely, and the machine stucks at the BIOS drive detection screen.

OK, I suspect it was my addition of new hardware to the motherboard and something screwy happened with the motherboard BIOS CMOS data, I did a CMOS reset, surprise to found out the problem still there.

I unplug the DMA66 80wire IDE cable which has the 24102B as its sole master drive, with no slave drive, the problem still the same, with the IDE cable unplug(power Molex connected) the drive still got a long lit LED and refuse to be detected by mobo BIOS.

I got no clue at this point and think it might be all out of coincidence that the drive die on the moment when I unplug my new PS/2 mouse, as such syptom could indicate a burnt out laser diode. So I disassemble the drive, nothing bad is noticeable inside, the drive use Mediatek 1501E controller chipset though.

Put everything back and guess I really out of luck with this drive, as I dont really want to upgrade to any of those 40X+ drives anytime soon, I simply dislike the loudness and mechanical instability of such drive, and there is no way to buy any of those sub-40X drives on the market now. The next morning I try to test it on another machine, to my surprise it worked without any sign of the problem on the nite before. Then I put it back to the original machine, the same, no problem apparently whatsoever, run through a few benchy confirms that there is simply no problem at all with the drive.

So, this seems to be a very hideous problem without much clue, could be a hardware bug with the controller?! I have no idea. :slight_smile:

Alot of hardware problems are solved just by letting them sit haha… I once flashed the bios of my mobo, and after reboot, it wouldn’t even post anymore… I thought it was dead(though the flash said successful)… I pulled out the battery on the mobo, and all power, let it sit for 5 mins, put everything back, still didin’t work… So I eventually gave up and went to sleep, was going to go get someone to flash it for me next day… Well the unexpected happen, I turned it on next morning, and everything worked fine again…

some bios just need some more snooze to clear than other, if only lite-on has some way to clear it, I wonder.

you could try to reflash it

LOL, how?

Wait, so there’s no problem anymore?

BTW, the inside looked kind of like this, right?

That’s the mainboard of my dead TDK CDRW241040B (LTR-24102B OEM)

I have one of the 24102B’s as well, it does this to me occasionally, it’s a hardware fault with the drive, my fix is to unplug the mains to the comp for about 10mins to completely discharge everything including the drive.

Then put the mains back in again, and power it up straight away, within about 2 seconds of plugging in the mains, it boots up fine for me.

I’m sure I remember Lite-on released a firmware to fix this, but it made no difference to the problem, I think the firmware was taken down after a few days as it didn’t fix the problem. (could be incorrect, my memory isn’t that good). It has something to do with the voltage rails not going to zero voltage when the computer is turned off with certain motherboards.