Mysterious extra audio track?


My name’s Andy and i’m new. I’ve got a bit of a problem burning a CD.

Basicly the CD is an audio CD with enhanced multimedia. The CD is supposed to have 8 tracks of audio which will play in a CD player. There is an exe file on the CD which links to a quicktime movie and an ico icon file. I’ve added an autorun script which opens the exe automaticly and which changes the icon of the current CD drive to the ico file on the disk.

I’m using Nero Burning rom to burn the disk and i’ve tried burning in “CD audio + Data Mixed mode” and “CD Extra mode”.

The problem I have is that when I add the quicktime movie to the disk it adds an extra 7 min track of silent audio at the begining of the CD?

Has anyone experienced this before or can anyone help me out?

Mixed mode CD is data + audio.
What you want is Audio + data, and that is called CD-Extra or Enhaced CD.

CD-Extra mode should work.


Thanks that did work. I never knew there was a difference. I must have been to precious with my CD-R’s not wanting to test just incase. But thanks again!