MySpace acquires online music service Imeem

I just posted the article MySpace acquires online music service Imeem.

MySpace today announced it has purchased music service Imeem, acquiring most of the company’s assets.

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Smart move. Some Imeem users seem unhappy with the move, but it makes perfect sense for MySpace Music.

I’m a long time Imeem member and I don’t do any social sites. My only concern is that when something good is taken over by a bigger company, the new owners can’t resist “making it better”, which usually means changing everything until it’s completely FUBAR and no longer easy to use or fun to enjoy. My fingers are crossed in hopes that the new owners will accept Imeem as it is…“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

I predict that they’ll “integrate” the Imeem features that they want into Myspace Music and then decommission the current Imeem.

Unfortunately, I was correct. It is totally FUBAR. I just tried to go to Imeem and it takes you directly to My Space, where my Imeem account info and log-in doesn’t work. So, I had to sign up just to get to the music. Long story short, it’s no where near as user friendly as Imeem was. The music search and navigation suck! Plus, the “quick playlist for this artist” feature no longer exists. (This is not my year! First, Windows 7 turns out to be nothing more than an OS for the Martha Stewart morons, and now the best online music site is sucked into a vortex of A’holes. Someone please give me a one-way ticket to the Discworld!)

ive always loved imeem, though i generally use my own collection with winamp pro and use to scrobble