MyDVD kills my machine

I’m using MyDVD to create a video disc and it absolutely ‘kills’ the machine using 100% CPU for hours on end. Surely this can’t be right. The time is taken up with ‘building movies’ or ‘transcoding’. Anyone got any ideas why? I’ve got 1gb memory of which MyDVD uses 100mb. There’s masses of disc space and I’m running Windows XP Pro.

mor einfo would be nice. what filetype are you converting from? what type/speed is your processor? are you multitasking during the process?

when i use nero vision express to convert roughly 3 hours worth of AVI files to dvd it takes around 5 hours (7 or so if I’m multitasking during the process)

that’s on a p4 2gHz, 512mb RAM.

there’s a lot of work to be done. encoding takes the longest amount of time, but once it encodes the video it probably has to transcode from there to make it all fit on a single disc. it’s very common for this to take many hours.

is this a new development? like did it used to more wuickly and it suddenly slowed down are are you just ffrustrated with how slow it is?

i’m not familiar with MyDVD so I can’t tell you what’s average, but anytime you’re creating a DVD it’s going to take a long time.

I’ve got a 1gHz machine with 1Gb RAM. I’ve just started to use this software so I guess it must just be frustration at the slowness. I’m converting about 1.5hrs of video and it’s been running about 4hrs so far. Maybe there’s better software out there that I ought to use. Perhaps I’ll borrow Nero Vision and see whether it’s any better. Thanks for the reply.

at 1ghz, you’re not going to get much faster than you’re at now.

nero vision isn’t that great of a piece of software. I just use it because it’s simple. I’m not too impressed with its quality, but then again I’m not doing anything important.

i’d say your best bet is to just do a little at a time and set it up to run overnight. it isn’t really a limitation of the software, it’s a limitation of your computer specs and a 1ghz processor can only move so fast.