MYDVD and CPU usage

I’m using MYDVD 6.0 and whenever I try to create a DVD using either files from hard drive or copying in from camcorder it seems to run OK until it starts to ‘TRANSCODE’ the video. At that point the machine slows down to a crawl, CPU usage of MYDVD is 100% and, of course, everything else runs so slowly. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thats normal behavior even on a top of the line system. Mine is a 3.2 gig with a little over a gig of ballistix memory and when i am transcoding or encoding video the same thing happens. Truthfully you shouldnt do anything else on the computer while you are transcoding videos it can cause glitches in the burn and may cause the system itself to temporarily lock up. However 100 percent cpu usage seems high so you might want to check the program settings and make sure the resource usage is set to normal or even low if you have to be working on the computer while transcoding.