MyDVD 6.1.1 won't launch: error message

To try it, I installed MyDVD 6.1.1 (since it came with my Nvidia Dual Tuner card!) on my HTPC running Win XP MCE 2005 and I cannot successfully launch this application. It is giving me this error message: “A screen resolution lower than 1024x768 is not recommended. Please change your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher.”

Now I can’t do what it asks! Here’s why: My HTPC is connected to a LCD HDTV that can only support PC resolution at 720p - 1280x720. Now when all set and done and adjusted because of overscan I end-up with a res of 1216x684 and nothing else. Besides, if I could, I won’t change the res setting just for this app.

Does anyone has a way to contour this error message issue, or is this app totally useless? Thanks.

any thoughts anyone?