Myce welcomes HD Sentinel

I want all of our members to Welcome a new software for monitoring Hard Drives and SSDs to our forum. The software is called HD Sentinel Pro, it not only warns you when your Hard drive or SSD has problems but has accurate SMART DATA and many other features like Alerts, and Temperature readings for those Hard drives that have sensors.
This is a great program and the Developer will be here to answer all your questions, and there is much more. Please look for an in depth story on our front page. :wink:

Download Link and Website

Many thanks for that Alan and it’s great to see such a useful range of programs coming to the forums.

Welcome also to our new Company Moderator hdsentinel who is a Developer for the HD Sentinel range and will be able to provide all manner of technical advice.


Dear Alan,
Dear Wombler,
Dear Forum Members,

Thanks for the opportunity to join the forum and discussion!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Janos Mathe, developer of Hard Disk Sentinel software, a hard disk / SSD monitoring and data protection software.
With my wife and daughter, I live and work in Hungary, a very small country in Central Europe.

Many-many years ago personally me and many people in my area experienced data loss - and after lots of researching, examining hard disks, information, technical specifications and information collected from data recovery companies, an idea born - to make something to detect and report real, actual problems with hard disks and allow us to make the required actions (backup, hard disk testing and repairing) - to prevent such disasters.
I feel these days as the capacity of hard disks, SSDs and even pendrives, memory cards increasing, the protection of data is much more important than ever before - and I hope Hard Disk Sentinel can be a good addition for this purpose.

I’d try my best to help and assist in any ways, so feel free to contact me here or in e-mail via address.

Janos Mathe

Let me show all of you guys and gals a view of the program. This program has a lot of information and most importantly you can set an alert for any malfunction so you can take action before your hdd or SSD fails.:wink:

I’m al licensed HD Sentinel Pro user for over a year now,and it became 1 of my favorites of my troubleshooting toolbox…:bow:
Glad to see Janos here…:clap:

Let me share a little gift exclusively for the community at MyCe:

The latest beta version Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 4.30.11 available from:

with improved support of various RAID controllers, hard disks and SSDs.

Edit: Just created a new thread for such updated versions:

Thanks so much for your kind words :wink:

[QUOTE=roadworker;2692132]I’m al licensed HD Sentinel Pro user for over a year now,and it became 1 of my favorites of my troubleshooting toolbox…:bow:
Glad to see Janos here…:clap:[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=hdsentinel;2692151]Thanks so much for your kind words ;)[/QUOTE]
I think you might find a lot of your friends here Janos, and hopefully we will make many new ones. I love the program. Check it everyday.:wink:

Great tool!!

Thanks Alan, I’m sure :wink:
Glad to hear the software useful :bow: