Myce user shows off movie collection - do you have a larger one?

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We bet that some of you are movie fans, but probably not many of you own a room full of Blu-ray discs. Myce member Ryushin recently posted a video showing his movie collection and we thought it’s very impressive. His collection makes up a small room (he calls it a closet) and to add, he also has a large collection of TV shows and movies that are only stored digitally.

It’s like his very own Netflix, with even the server rack to power it all :+1:

Pretty incredible if the rest are UHD, wasn’t aware there were even that many titles released in the format.

I have 1424 BDs, 212 4K BDs, 1328 iTunes movies, 6723 iTunes TV episodes, and a handful of TV shows on DVD. All ripped to my NAS in their full glory.


Not mine…but this one is for sale on eBay.

7,361 pieces! :scream:

Damn… that’s intense…

Staggering. Guess I’ll have to start buying more and build a second media closet. Maybe I should just skip that and build a media basement instead. :slight_smile:

Top row is all DVD. Row and a half with 150 or so 3D Blu-rays. Only have about 100 or so 4K movies. Balthazar2k4 has a lot more 4K than I.

I do re-encode all my movies and TV shows to decrease the size. For the most part, the settings I use, I can not tell the difference between my encoding and the original. In some cases, I feel my version looks better then the source. I’m not a fan of a large amount of film grain and I will degrain (MDegrain2 is amazing) a movie/show if it is excessive. Case in point, the new Bladerunner Final Cut 4K, is a grainy soup mess. My encoding looks so much better, the wife was amazed in the improvement.

Interesting. I’m one who usually likes film grain but had wondered how various scenes from BR would survive after degraining (since there are so many low light scenes with it).

this makes me feel better. maybe i dont have a problem after all :slight_smile:

I was actually really amazed at the difference. It was almost like looking at a different movie. Wife was not happy with the picture on the original disc and thought we got stung with a awful 4K transfer. When she watched the new encoding, she kept saying wow when a new scene started. Though, MDegrain2 is very CPU intensive, but the results are worth it.

Other series such as Walking Dead also benefited heavily from MDegrain2.

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Tested MDegrain2 last night on Blade Runner as you suggested. Definitely cleans up the grain, but I am not sure that is actually positive. As you pointed out, it looks like a different movie.

On a side note, I used RipBot264 to re-encode the title to 1080p with HDR intact. Really as a test and to satisfy my curiosity. For those interested, my 1950x encoded the title in 3:16. Not terrible, but definitely makes me think I won’t be doing 4K encodes since the time would probably quadruple.

Yea, with all the servers running, (4 total), I can get about 4-7 fps doing 4K encodes with MDegrain2. HEVC and MDegrain2 pretty much hammers the CPUs into the ground.

I did a ‘quick’ test of 4K encoding and I was getting 6.7fps avg. Definitely not something I am going to invest the time into…