MyCE presents: Lite-On eTAU108 slimline DVD writer review

I just posted the article Lite-On eTAU108 slimline DVD writer review.

We check out the latest slimline DVD writer from Lite-On, the eTAU108.
Let’s see how it performed in our tests.

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Thanks for the great review vroom :flower:

Beautifully put together too! (The review…I wouldn’t know about the drive hehe) :iagree:

Nice review.

But I wouldn’t have mentioned the CD-R scanning part, since the results are useless (like with all Liteon DVDRW drives).

On one of the pictures you mentioned a power connector - I can’t see it :confused:
The sticker on the drive states 1.5A - that would mean a 200% overload of the USB connector. Not all computers can handle that since an USB port is specified for 500 mA only.


Hi, sorry to hijack the thread but I would like to ask if anyone has successfully made this drive work with Mac. It reads discs correctly and they appear in the desktop but I can’t burn anything as the drive doesn’t appear in disk utility, toast or other burning software.

Any help on this would be appreciated, I know it probably isn’t compatible with Mac but anyway…