Myce news rebranded to

I really think myce should rebrand itself… It used to be such a good website for reporting on technology, and posting really good in depth equipment reviews. Now all I ever read about is data breach this and data breach that. myce sadly, has lost its way.

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I still turn to the forum members here with any questions about optical media and optical drives.
I do not know of any better place.

Many people in the mainstream think that Flash Drives and SSD are the be all and end all.

Even with improper storage and chemical aging, I still trust optical media more than Flash or SSD.
But most people do what is convenient, not what is grounded in science or experience. Then they get burned in the end and bitch and moan.
This is how folks are.

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I tend to agree with everything @Disc_Dizzy said.

because even optical media aside for a moment… just between SSD and a regular hard drive. I tend to have more trust in being able to retrieve my data on a regular hard drive than a SSD as while SSD’s seem to be generally reliable, as I won’t be surprised if any semi-recent SSD’s outlast many regular hard drives, they seem to be more prone to data loss out of no where if something does act up where as with a hard drive I would figure, on average, your more likely to get some early warning signs before the thing just dies out of the blue. because for more semi-long term data storage, ill trust a regular hard drive over a SSD. although anything of higher importance I tend to blend the couple of copies of my data on a couple different hard drives etc along with two difference kinds of DVD media.