My yamaha crw3200 won't read ANYTHING... what's wrong with it?

i have a yamaha crw-3200 rewritable and for some reason it won’t read any thing i put in it (cd, dvd, drive cleaner). It does show up on the my computer and the light works and it opens and closes… It just won’t read anything. Please tell me the problem and/or how to fix it

Yamaha CRW-3200 is a cd recorder.

It can’t read dvd. A drive cleaner disk is not readable either, it just clean the laser pickup head.

Try if it can recognize a audio cd or a game cd.

Can it burn a cd-r or cd-rw.

Have you jumpered master and slave correct, if you have two drive on the same ide channel.

I also have the yamaha crw 3200 and I’m trying to make it work with an external enclosure, infact I’ve used two different ones but to no avail. Nero does properly recognize it but for some reason it gives an error when I try to burn data. Does anybody have any idea how fix this problem?

Time for a new burner. :doh: Good God i remember when i dropped $250.00 or more for my Yamaha 24X burner. Thought i was king shit till it died 6 months later. Oh the agony of them high priced burner days. :sad:

lol, I have at least 3 of them and all still work.

Now you can count what they have cost me…