My Yahoo hacked? PLEASE HELP!

Today while I was checking my e-mail in Yahoo I got a pop-up message that said “I have been disconnected from chat because I logged in from another computer”

Here’s the screen shot:

I changed my PW but it happened again!

What do you security experts think or suggest?

I am not using a router, it’s direct cable connection via ethernat. My OS is Win 7 Ultimate (cracked) could that be part of it? :sad:

Other then that pretty normal stuff, IRC is always on. Should I install a software FW? If so what one do you suggest?


The built in firewall for Win7 works just fine…hope you’re using it. Other than that, I have little to offer. Have you run antivirus/malware/rootkit programs yet?

I’d run your antivirus, then GMER and Sophos rootkit killers, then Malwarebytes free scan.

By the way, we don’t allow discussions of cracked software in these forums, so please remember this for future posts.

Hi Kerry,

Yes Windows FW is turned on, no I haven’t run any AV or Rootkit yet. Do you have the links for what you suggest (sorry for being a lazy n00b) lol

I know about the cracks, but that was only for a short time, I did purchase a licence. But the crack is still on here so that’s why I mentioned. :wink:

I am not using a router, it’s direct cable connection via ethernat. My OS is Win 7 Ultimate (cracked) could that be part of it? :sad:[/QUOTE]

This is probably how they got your password they are watching your every move and keystroke and transmitting that data to them. So unless you wipe clean your O/S and start clean with the legit registration that O/S malware will transmit any date to them cause it has bypassed your protection already…

I am going to try Kerry’s suggestions first as it’s easier and mya work…

@coolcolors - you’re probably right :frowning: I have been using this for over 1 year (I did finally buy a licence due to nagging screen about 5 months ago) but the FACT I used a crack could be an security issue :frowning: I agree 100% to avoid this! :a

@Kerry - thanks mate! You’re the best, I apperiate all your hard work + knowledge here. It’s people like you who make myce such a great forum! :bigsmile:

There is a possibility that the hacker is using the “Forgot your password” feature to retrieve your password, so be sure to change your secret questions and check the backup e-mail address (if present) in your Yahoo account options.

You’re very lucky in this case that you can still use your Yahoo account, as I’ve seen a few cases where people had their account compromised and the hacker had changed their password and the recovery options (secret questions & recovery e-mail.)

Finally, be sure to notify your Yahoo contacts (e.g. quick e-mail cc’d to the lot) that your account has been compromised, as it’s very likely that this person is impersonating you asking your contacts to visit spam links or worse still, sending 419 scams to them faking that your are stuck in London, etc. and need cash.

I have this happening occasionally if there are problems with my internet connection. After reconnection, I get another IP, so I get a similar warning (from AOL in this case).

So I would check the log of the router if there were such dis- and reconnect events.


Same with gmail. If the DHCP kicks in, it thinks you have a double connection running. Nothing big.

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2560799]Same with gmail. If the DHCP kicks in, it thinks you have a double connection running. Nothing big.[/QUOTE]

Right on! :clap:

Thanks everyone for your replies.

@kerry I scanned everything w/ the tools you posted and all clean :bigsmile:

@Seán I changed my PW, the forget PW stuff has never been correct…I always use a bunch of “random” garbage for that anyway as I know it’s a security hole :wink:

I sent Yahoo Tech Support an e-mail, just waiting to hear back from them but I think it’s a ‘false alarm’ like everyone said…but just want to be sure!

Yahoo finally got back to me on this:

Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Mail Customer Care.

I understand that while using integrated Chat in Yahoo! Mail Classic, you are receiving a message that says, “Disconnected because you have logged on from a different computer or device.” I know how alarming this must be and I’m happy to put your mind at ease.

This is a technical issue, and not someone accessing your account. Our Engineering Team is working on a fix for this now.