MY XP showing 2 processors!

help!! i just got my new rig not totally yet and my dxdiag and XP shows two processors its a 3.2e ghz HT with an Asus p49800-e deluxe anyone here of a prob like this and also my OS feels real fast but i am sure theres a lot of tweakign and bios stuff to do coz i dont feel that boost in games like earlier and i used a 2.4 p4 earlier without HT so i am wondering whether wht i am doing wrong also i know my ram is low 266 mhz 256 pc 2100 could this be the issue or wht pls help

thanx heaps!

… thanks all your gods … everything is ok … one of the advantages of your new sytem
. . is Hyper-Threading and that means you have
. . a virtual second CPU … your RAM is few and slow for the use with a 8ooMHz CPU
. . think better and more would fasten up to real speed, you should use two sticks
. . to enable Dual Channel :slight_smile: