My Xbox 360 Netflix Watch Instantly experience

I just posted the article My Xbox 360 Netflix Watch Instantly experience.

After Microsoft and Netflix announced the Xbox 360 would receive streaming Netflix Watch Instantly support, I was excited, but was initially hesitant to sign up for the service. After buying…

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what about the picture quality? do the hd movies look hd or vcd?

Id like to know how the standalone Roku box stacks up against the 360 and the Blu-Ray players that support streaming movies from Netflix…

I hate being restricted by Netflix. I would rather way TV channels around the world and movies in 1080p Blu-ray on my PC and set top box on MyTVPAL ( ) that’s made using Matrixstream ( ) IPTV platform.

Michael Dunn

Netflix isn’t bad at all… they just need to focus on making their streaming selection larger.

Hey- Michael Dunn … Did you used to be Comment Guy? One dollar says you are. If so- do you have a financial interest in the website you keep plugging? I hope not because if you are you are going to go bankrupt as I visited that site the last time we were told about it by Comment Guy and it SUCKS!

They really need to make the video quality user-selectable. If your bandwidth cuts out for a few seconds it kicks you into super-low-res mode. Horrible if your bandwidth isn’t rock solid. Would be much better to just have the film pause while re-buffering at user-set quality. I know my average bandwidth thoughtput much better than the auto-detect, which just takes a snapshot.

I couldn’t agree more with the above mentioned post…I would much rather have v quality be user-selectable, as I’m having the same problem…other than that…streaming is awesome, and i’m sure as the market increases, so will the offerings from netflix…it’s just hard to be patient