My writer wont burn dvdr's at ... 1x and 2x speed, can anyone help - liteon 165p6s

Firstly let me apologise for probably putting this post in the wrong area, im

not so new to pc’s but i am quite new to forums.

ive been searching the forums for days to sort this problem but found nothing to fix it (prob not looking in the right place)

My problem is simple … i need to burn some dvdr’s at 1x or 2x speed but the

slowest i can burn using the software im trying (nero and alcohol

120%) is 4x speed, which is just creating coasters for me.

i have a liteon 165p6s writer (dvdr, dl, etc) ive read that these writers

dont support burning at slow speeds anymore although ive also read that some

of the old firmwares will allow it, ive been unable to find any old firmwares

to try though.

ive been trying to sort this problem for days trying numerous different

firmwares, (currently running MV9N) and none have worked

ive also tried patching the firmwares to set them to write at slow speeds,

MediaCodeSpeedEdit loaded the firmwares but wouldnt give me the slow speed

options and omnipatcher 2.4.5 wouldnt load any firmwares (incidently do i

need .net framwork 2.0 installed for this prog ?)

does anyone know how i might sort this problem out all the info im finding is

about speed up the writing not slowing it down, does anyone else have this

problem ???

Hi and welcome to CDF,

lower speeds don’t guarantee better results;). What media are you using?
MV9N is a quiet good firmware, have you tried to burn those media with HyperTuning and/or Online HyperTuning enabled? This is probably a better solution then burning at lower speeds.

If you don’t have a clue about these functions then please have a look in our Liteon subforum here. The relevant threads for these functions can be found here (Online Hyper Tuning Test Firmware and Results here) and here (SmartBurn v3.1.16t (Test Version)).

WOW … words cannot express how grateful i am, thank you so much H3rB3i, problem solved, im now basking in the glory of a successful 2x speed dvdr burn, works perfect, yet to try a faster speed but my hopes are high, would be nice to burn these at at least 8x speed, incidently the 1x speed burning option was still unavailable, is there a reason for this ? (1 of my burns was a tad glichy still, probably the iso but would be interesting to try to burn at 1x speed just to compare the results)
Maybe its me but all 3 links were down for the *.8PWIN firmware on the Online Hyper Tuning Test Firmware and Results link, i got this working using the SmartBurn v3.1.16t (Test Version) … typical that after days of hacking and patching, searching for fixes and considering turning the writer upside down and inserting it backwards into the pc the solution turned out to be a little prog thats sits in the background, the author of this is in my mind is a genious :slight_smile:
Thanks again H3rB3i, btw the way media im using is PRINCOEX32 only thing i can get in the back water im staying in at the moment