My writer at fault, the dvdr or the software? with ps2 backups that dont work

Hi, trying to burn some images of ps2 games, but when i burn them they just dont play on my ps2

Tried burning them with dvddycryptor, stomp recordnow and nero and dont work with any.

Ive tried datawrite blue top (ritek g05) ridisc(ritek g040) but none of them boot.

Im using a pioneer 109 with the latest buffalo firmware. Been able to burn backups fine befire on different media which is supposedly not as good as this stuff

any ideas?

ps2’s are abit funny some disc’s work in some but don’t work in other’s all though i have found ritek’s to work in most esp G04 i take it you use some sort of ps2 mod or you’r ps2 laser might getting weaker