My worst burn ever!

My worst scan by far has to be with my new LG GSA-4167B. Although it writes very well via USB2 on most cheap media, it just hates CMC MAG-F01-01 (Value x4 DVD+R). I don’t care as my DW1650 and my Liteon 1635 both produce good burns with that media and the BenQ overspeeds it to x8 as well, it’s just strange to see such a bad scan from a writer that so far has produced only good ones for me. Anyone ever tried this media on this model?


My 4167b hates all 4x media. It didnt when it was with firmware DL10, but since i updated its hated them. Producing very similar burns to yours. Maybe it will be fixed with a future update, seeing as though it was broken with an update.

I tried it with cheap x8 and x16 media and it burned them really well, it’s good to know it’s not just my burner. Thanks for the input.

There’s a few posting about problems like this with low speed media from December in the mfg suggestion thread, I posted one in there as well for Prodisc S03. Hopefully LG will improve things, though I haven’t retested any low speed media with DL13 yet.

My burn quality sucked on AML 001 4x DVD+R media with DL12 too (PIE avg > 500, PIF average around 3.50), my other five test discs on misc drives burned fine. I will retest that media with DL13 and post here for comparison.

Well, they seem to have fixed things with 4167B DL13 with this Kodak branded DVD+R 4x media, although the first test disc I attempted tanked with “INVALID PARAMETER VALUE”. As for this second one, it is now my best burn yet after being by far the worst with DL12.